When life bowls a yorker

When life bowls a yorker , you need to anticipate it in a much more proactive manner, stay deep inside your crease , take a deep breath and wait for the right moment to play the helicopter shot that will land your problems outside the park.

When life bowls a yorker


What if when life takes you for a ride

When people raise their hands its all about life at one go , never leave an opportunity where you are set to leap , just go with the flow , there will be some hiccups when changes happen but dont get bogged down by the same , go with the flow and stay in the present and just wait for the right opportunity , When life bowls a yorker be ready to face it, hit it and never gets bowled out.

All that life tells you is be calm and composed,never get bogged down by short term issues all you need to know is when everything else is not in your favour , the only thing that will help is self confidence , self esteem and self actualisation. Maslow once said man will not move to a higher need if his physiological needs are not satisfied and then he will move to hygienic and then further up to various other needs in life. Everything else can wait but not happiness and self realisation in life.

Once their lived a great man who never hated anyone, which doesnt mean he had no haters. A lot of people in his community didnt like his popularity and started hating him. Few even decided to embarrass him at public gatherings to see if he will deviate from his ideologies , he never did so , he kept moving in his path like a champion and showed the world what it takes to live without hating anyone.

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