Gender inequality in urban India

You may think gender inequality is an issue of rural India , but its also very prevelant in Urban India Hellow whwere augfh f jhdhdfhdhd jhdhdhdhdhd haiufuihakjhfuihfukhf iufjkhfkjhfkjhfhf ff fjkhfjkhfjkhfjkhfjkhfkjh kjfjkhfjhfjkhfjkhfj kjfjkhfjkhfjkhfkjhfjkhfjkh fk fkjhfjkhfjkhfjkhfjkhfjkhfjkhfkjhf

When life bowls a yorker

When life bowls a yorker , you need to anticipate it in a much more proactive manner, stay deep inside your crease , take a deep breath and wait for the right moment to play the helicopter shot that will land your problems outside the park. LIFE IS ALL ABOUT RIGHT OPPORTUNITY AT THE RIGHT …

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